Bartender Polo


Bookstores & Bars

Within the history of knowledge often ignored are the informal informational networks that prop up the more formal institutions. In the case of the university two cultural institutions are deeply required for the school to flourish, namely the bookstore and the bar. For in each, ideas can move freely, honestly, and without the requirement of professional peacocking. Countless works of genius have been scribbled onto the back of bar napkins in the late hours of the morning.

Most importantly however is that these informal cultural institutions come without the gates out front. This is to say that anyone can stumble inside and contribute to the culture at hand. In today’s climate, this could be taken as a virtue, perhaps of “inclusion”. We see this rather as a necessary ingredient. This is how new ideas grow and homogeneity is fought against. In short, this is a necessary ingredient to education that our current formal institutions are getting wrong.

It is only fitting that Sneaky's began as a bar and has now become a bookstore. This shirt is the original bartender uniform, and because of this the “bartender polo” will remain in the storefront for the entirety of Sneaky's existence.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish, Stay Sneaky